Ambrosia Fungi PhD Degree

The Smith Fungal Biology Lab
and the Hulcr Forest Entomology Lab at
the University of Florida are recruiting a motivated Ph.D. student to start in
Summer or Fall of 2017. We are seeking a student who is broadly interested in
fungal systematics, evolutionary biology, and insect-fungi interactions to study
ambrosia beetles and their symbiotic fungi as part of an NSF-funded project.
We want someone with:
• BS or (preferably) an MS degree in
biological sciences
• A background that includes evolution,
systematics, computational
approaches and/or fungal biology
• Laboratory and molecular biology
• Appropriate GPA and GRE scores
• Solid English language abilities,
strong scientific writing, and
demonstrated ability to complete
The following skills and experiences
are desired but not required:
• Phylogenetic analysis
• Isolation and maintenance of fungal cultures
• Background in bioinformatics, computer science, and/or genomics
• Peer reviewed publications
Interested students should submit a brief cover letter indicating why they are
appropriate for the position along with a CV to Dr. Matthew E. Smith
( Acceptance for the position is contingent upon acceptance
to the to the Ph.D. program in the UF Department of Plant Pathology (see
Applications must be received by 9 December 2016.