Plant Pathology Faculty

William Dawson

William Dawson
  • University of Georgia, 1971, PhD in Plant Pathology
  • University of Georgia, 1966, BS in Chemistry
  • 1991-1992 University of California Presidential Chair in Plant 
    Dept. of Plant Pathology
    Riverside, CA 92521
  • Professor University of Florida, plant Pathology


Our laboratory works on the molecular genetics of virus-host interactions and methods to control diseases caused by Citrus tristeza virus (CTV).  We have developed CTV into a tool to help find methods to control citrus canker and greening. .

Selected Publications

  • Jarugula, S; Gowda, S; Dawson, WO; Naidu, RA. 2010. 3 '-coterminal subgenomic RNAs and putative cis-acting elements of Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 3 reveals 'unique' features of gene expression strategy in the genus Ampelovirus. VIROLOGY JOURNAL 7: art. no.-180..
  • Zhang, XD; Francis, MI; Dawson, WO; Graham, JH; Orbovic, V; Triplett, EW; Mou, ZL. 2010. Over-expression of the Arabidopsis NPR1 gene in citrus increases resistance to citrus canker.EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PLANT PATHOLOGY 128 (1): 91-100..
  • Tatineni, S; Gowda, S; Dawson, WO. 2010. Heterologous minor coat proteins of Citrus tristeza virus strains affect encapsidation, but the coexpression of HSP70h and p61 restores encapsidation to wild-type levels. VIROLOGY 402 (2): 262-270..
  • Borovsky, D; Rabindran, S; Dawson, WO; Powell, CA; Iannotti, DA; Morris, TJ; Shabanowitz, J; Hunt, DF; DeBondt, HL; DeLoof, A. 2006. Expression of Aedes trypsin-modulating oostatic factor on the virion of TMV: A potential larvicide. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 103 (50): 18963-18968..
  • Folimonov, AS; Folimonova, SY; Dawson, WO. 2004. GFP-tagging of Citrus tristeza virus in citrus trees. PHYTOPATHOLOGY 94 (6): S30-S30, Suppl. S.
  • Che, XB; Dawson, WO; Bar-Joseph, M. 2003. Defective RNAs of Citrus tristeza virus analogous to Crinivirus genomic RNAs. VIROLOGY 310 (2): 298-309...