Fall 2016 Plant Pathology Seminar Schedule

Tuesdays, Room 2318,Fifield Hall, 4:00 p.m.

Aug 23 Student Orientation -- ---
Aug 30      
Sept 6 Wenbo Ma, UC Riverside R. Loria TBD
Sept 13 Nan-Yi Wang, Univ. of Florida M. Dewdney TBD
Sept 20 James Orrock (exit seminar) E. Johnson TBD
Sept 27 Danny Haelewaters, Harvard Univ. M. Smith A common fungal parasite of ladybirds: single species or species complex?
Oct 4 David Langston, Virginia Tech PP GSA The history of fungicide resistance of the cucurbit gummy stem blight pathogens: Why this pathogen system renders our current FRAC guidelines useless
Oct 11 Peter Kennedy, University of Minnesota M. Smith TBD
Oct 18      
Oct 25      
Nov 1 Michael Goodin, Univ. of Kentucky J. Polston Never the same way twice: Plant virus protein interaction and localization maps and implications for virus-phytobiome research
Nov 8 Sixue Chen, Dir. Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry (ICBR), Univ. of Florida F. White Proteomics technologies and the applications in plant stomatal defense against pathogens
Nov 15 Ricardo Alcalá-Briseno, Univ. of Florida J. Polston Viral metagenomic unravels the etiology of lethal necrosis of St. Augustine grass
Nov 22      
Nov 29 Serhat Kara, Univ. of Florida (exit seminar) J. Jones Xanthomonas cynarae and Xanthomonas gardneri from artichoke and tomato, respectively, have a lot in common