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Kelsey Andersen


Brett Lane

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Matthew Smith

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About Us

The Plant Pathology Graduate Student Organization (PPGSO) is a student run association for all graduate students in the Plant Pathology Department at the University of Florida.

Our goals are:
  1. To promote communication among graduate students, faculty, and staff.
  2. To develop cultural, recreational, and professional activities for graduate students.
  3. To provide support for incoming students.
  4. To promote interactions with graduate associations in other academic programs at the University of Florida.
  5. To sponsor outreach activities to connect with Gainesville community through volunteering.
Get Involved

Mentors are needed for the PPGSO Mentor Program. The purpose of the mentor program will be to assist first-year graduate students with their transition to the University of Florida, the Plant Pathology Department, graduate school, graduate student life, and Gainesville.

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2016 Writers Challenge

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The PPGSO would like to invite you to participate in a 10-Day Writing Challenge!

The 10-Day Writing Challenge is an opportunity for you to develop a routine of writing daily, in a supportive environment, with encouragement from your fellow colleagues.

The challenge is simple: write for at least 30 minutes every day (Monday through Friday) for two weeks. At the end of that time, you can evaluate for yourself: 1) did daily writing increase or decrease your productivity? and b) did participation in a group working on the same goal increase/decrease your enjoyment of the writing process?

The challenge will start Monday, May 30th and will last until June 10th but participants would be writing Monday through Friday (10 days).

Everyone is welcome to participate, including undergraduate, graduate, post-doctoral, and REC PPGSO members. You can work on any writing project you want and it does not have to be the same project every day.

Everyone that completes the challenge receives a prize: your choice of any of the mugs or water bottles in the picture.

You can do this! We will be providing articles and tips from the professors on best writing practices throughout the 2 weeks. Through this event page, participants can also post articles and tips and provide encouragement for other participants. Join the Facebook event and receive and provide support to your fellow colleagues in their writing process!

In order to keep track of progress we will go by an honor system. On the following form, each day you would write your name, the date, the times you started and finished writing, and your current writing project. The form can be filled as many times during the current day as you would like. To receive a prize, participants must fill the form every day to report the time they spent writing. If a day is missed or a time is reported after the day has passed, the prize is not applicable but participants will still receive the writing tips, articles, and support.

Click here to submit a report

Please let us know if you have any questions through the Facebook Event or through e-mail

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