Mycoportal Project

Fungal specimens at the Illinois Natural History Survey, at the University of Illinois. Credit: Paul B. Marcum, Illinois Natural History Survey
Credit: Austin Hendy

Microfungi comprise a loosely defined artificial group of Fungi and fungal-like organisms that include such things as bread molds, plant pathogens, powdery mildews. The Microfungi Collections Consortium (MiCC) is a collaborative effort among 38 US institutions to digitize specimen label data from >1.2 million North American microfungi specimens and make these data available online to the broader community through the MyCoPortal website.  The NSF proposal to the Advancing Digitization of Biodiversity Collections program was funded in July 2015. Dr. Matthew E. Smith from the Department of Plant Pathology at University of Florida serves as one of 11 co-principle investigators for the project. This project will result in the complete digitization of the University of Florida fungal herbarium (FLAS-F). Many FLAS-F records are already available on the Mycoportal:

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