Plant Pathology Faculty with Extension Specialties

Name and ContactSpecialtyLocation
Ali, G. Shad
(407) 884-2034 Ext. 127
 Fungal diseases of ornamental and other crops: early detection, molecular diagnosis, and management. Apopka
Dewdney, Megan M.
(863) 956-8651
 Integrated management and control of citrus diseases, including black spot. Lake Alfred
Dufault, Nicholas S.
(352) 273-4623
 Diseases of vetetables and agronomic crops: development of integrated crop management programs. Gainesville
Elliot, Monica L.
(954) 577-6300
 Identification and management of palm diseases. Ft. Lauderdale
Harmon, Carrie L.
(352) 392-1795
 High-impact and emerging plant pathogens: detection, diagnosis, and education. Gainesville
Harmon, Philip F.
(352) 273-4622
 Turfgrass, ornamental plant, and small fruit diseases: diagnosis, management, and epidimology of fungal diseases. Gainesville
Harrison, Nigel
(954) 577-6300
Phytoplasma disease of palms Ft. Lauderdale
Momol, Timur M.
(352) 392-1781
 Central District Director
4-H Youth Developement
Family and Consumer Sciences
Agriculture and Sea Grant/Natural Resources
Palmateer, Aaron J.
(305) 246-7001 Ext. 270
 Onamental plant pathology: diagnostics and integrated pest management. Homestead
Paret, Mattews L.
(850) 875-7154
 Disease management, disease resistance, integrated pest management, identification of plant pathogenic microorganisms of vetetable and ornamental plants. Quincy
Peres, Natalia A.
(813) 633-4133
 Etiology and control of diseases affecting citrus, strawberry, and ornamental plants. Balm
Raid, Richard N.
(561) 993-1564
 Management of vegetable, rice, and sugarcane disease.Sustainable rodent control studies through the UF Barn Owl Program. Belle Glade
Roberts, Pamela D.
(239) 658-3400
 Molecular-based analysis of diseases affecting vegetables, tomato and citrus. Immokalee
Rott, Philippe
(561) 993-1531
Etiology and management of sugarcane diseases Belle Glade
Smith, Matthew E.
(352) 273-2837
 Identification of poisonous mushrooms and curation of the UF fungal herbarium. Gainesville
Vallad, Gary E.
(813) 633-4121
 Diagnosis and management of diseases of vegetable and ornamental crops. Bio-based disease management. Balm
Zhang, Shouan
(305) 246-7001
 Biorational strategies for vegetable diseases and integrated management. Homestead