Dr. Matthew E. Smith - Lab Alumni

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Julieta Alvarez

picture of Julieta Alvarez for the smithlab

Visiting Scholar, Instituto de Biologia UNAM, Mexico
Ectomycorrhizal fungi of Mexican tropical dry forests

Kelle Britt

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Biological Scientist
Project: PCR, PCR, and more PCR
PhD student at UC Davis

 Mark Elliott

picture of Mark Elliott at party

Mark Elliott
Executive Retirement Director
Address: Gardening or Hiking or lounging at the beach
Contact Information: None!
See: http://mycoportal.org/portal/index.php

Zai-wei Ge

picture of Zai-wei Ge for the smithlab

Visiting Scholar (2012-2013)
Kunming Institute of Botany
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Kunming, 650204, China

Zach Kaplan

picture of Zach Kaplan for Smithlab

Undergraduate Researcher
Truffle systematics

Kristy Kim

picture of Kristy Kim for smithlab

High School Intern
Student Science Training Program (SSTP)
Project: The phylogeny of Trappeindia himalayensis

Richard Kneal

photo of Richard Kneal for the Smith lab

Mycology Technician
Ecology of Tuber lyonii in pecan nurseries

Francisco Kuhar

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Visiting Scholar
Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET), Argentina
Sequestrate ectomycorrhizal fungi of Patagonia

Katy Lazarus
Katy Lazarus photo for Smith lab

MS in Plant Pathology, 2016
Ectomycorrhizal fungi associated with South American Nothofagus

Arooj Naseer

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Visiting Ph.D. Student and Lecturer In Botany
Department of Botany, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan
Ectomycorrhizal fungi associated with Quercus of Pakistan

Eduardo Nouhra

photo of Eduardo Nouhra for smithlab

Visiting Scholar
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina

Keisuke Obase

photo of Keiseuke Obase for the Smith lab

Visiting Scholar
Population Structure and Ecology of Cenococcum geophilum


Maxwell Reitman

Maxwell Reitman photo for smith lab page

MS Student
Biology of Tuber lyonii

Natasha Rosenbach

picture of Natasha Rosenbach for the smithlab

High School Intern
Diversity and systematics of Syncephalis (Zoopageles)

Karlee Schell

picture of Karlee Schell for the smithlab

High School Intern
Student Science Training Program (SSTP)
Project: Exploring the phylogenetic placement of the enigmatic truffle, Fevansia aurantiaca

Co-authored publication: Smith MESchell KJ, Castellano MA, Trappe JM (2013)
The enigmantic truffle Fevansia aurantiaca is an ectomycorrhizal member of the Albatrellus lineage. Mycorrhiza.doi10.1007/s00572-013-0502-2

Camille Truong

photo of Camille Truong for the smithlab

Principle Investigator

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

Kung Chung "Eddie" Yee

picture of Kung Chung (Eddie) Yee for the smithlab

Undergraduate Intern
UF Fungal Herbarium
University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong, China
Project: Molecular analysis of fungal DNA sequences from clinical veterinary specimens

Co-authored Publication: Sheppard BJ, McGrath E, Giuffrida M, Craft S, Kung CY, Smith ME
"Report of wood decay fungus Inonotus tropicalis (phylum Basidiomycota) from a dog with a granulomatous mediastinal mass”
Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation. In Press.

Galileo Zen

picture of Galileo Zen for smithlab

High School Intern
Project: Digitizing the FLAS Herbarium