Cercospora leaf spot and peacock spot of ornamental olive

Apr 16, 2011 7:07 AM

Crop: Ornamental Olive

Fungal causal agent of Cercospora leaf spot: Psedocercospora cladosporioides 

Fungal causal agent of Peacock spot: Spilocea oleaginea

Symptoms: The initial symptom is the formation of grey blotchy area on the underside of the leaves. The top of the leaves may also show similar symptoms. The top margin of the leaves will showing yellowing. The leaves will defoliate as disease progresses. This disease is usually noticed together with peacock spot of olives. Peacock spot is otherwise known as bird’s eye spot due to the characteristic spot on the upper side of the leaves. These spots have a characteristic yellow halo around the spot. The symptoms are mostly seen on the top part of the leaves in the lower canopy. The fungal spores can survive on the leaves, and re-infect the plants during rainy conditions.

Management: Protective fungicide use, and repeated applications may be needed during wet conditions. Check http://premier.cdms.net/webapls/formsloginRef.asp?/webapls for current labels