Phyllosticta leaf spot of hibiscus

May 21, 2011 7:02 AM

Fungal causal agent: Pyllosticta hibiscina

Symptoms: Large circular or irregular shaped leaf spots with tan centers, yellow or white halo. The infected tissue becomes very thin, and breaks out reaching a diameter of 1 cm or larger. Small black fruiting bodies (pycnidia) can be seen scattered over the infected area, and usually on the upper side of the leaves.

Management: Keeping leaf wet for a long time is a major cause of infection primarily through water-splashed spores. Manage overhead irrigation with minimal chances of continued long periods of leaf wetness. If the problem is a continuous one, use protective fungicides before any infection can happen. Fungicide management may be difficult once the symptoms develop. In that case, remove the infected branches, that will help in reducing the number of spores available for further infection, and spread.

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