Bacterial Wilt
Ralstonia solanacearum
Brown Rot


Description and management of:
  - R. solanacearum race 3 biovar 2
  - Brown rot of potato
  - Southern wilt of geranium
  - Bacterial wilt of tomato
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USDA-NRI Project Team and Collaborators
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Team members
At University of Wisconsin
Prof. C. Allen is the leader of the project. Pr. Denny, Pr. Shell (University of Georgia) and her have uncovered much of what is known about the molecular mechanisms of bacterial wilt disease. She has also worked with tomato and ornamental producers in Central America to control R. solanacearum disease offshore.
At University of Florida
Prof. J.B. Jones and Prof. T.M. Momol have developped diverse practical methods to control bacterial wilt in the field. They have long history and experience in extension and outreach.

Prof. W. Tan is a nationally recognized expert in ultra-sensitive nanodetection technologies, with experience designing assays to detect Select Agents.

Postdocs: Dr. P. Champoiseau (contact member for education program) and Dr. J. Yan.
At University of Georgia
Prof. T.P. Denny is an expert on R. solanacearum's extracellular proteins and the author of several major review articles on this pathosystem.

Prof. M. Schell has used comparative genomics for directed diagnostic development and fundamental understanding of bacterial pathogenesis and physiology. 
At University of Hawaii
Prof. A.M. Alvarez has developed widely-used diagnostic assays for many plant pathogens, including R. solanacearum.

Postdoc: Dr. G.D. Peckham 

Team collaborators
At University of Florida
Prof. H. Beck will participate in developing online training modules. Pr. Beck built a Content Management System (CMS) for e-learning applications for another NRI project titled “Creation of a National Training Program in Crop Biosecurity for First Detectors”.

Dr. C.L. Harmon is a representative of the Southern Plant Disease Network. She will participate in disseminating developed training modules and protocols. 
Industry representatives
Dr. Mike Klopmeyer at Ball Horticultural Company.

Lin Schmale at the Society of American Florists.
Regulatory official representative
Dr. Philip H. Berger at Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.



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