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Diseases of Hemp in Florida


In addition to insect pests, diseases are going to be an issue in the production of Industrial Hemp (Cannabis sativa) in Florida fields, shade structures and greenhouses. 

This site is aimed at presenting information about Florida Hemp diseases and their management. New information will be provided as new diseases are identified and we learn more about their epidemiology. The University of Florida Pilot Program is instrumental in populating this information. 

Making recommendations on how to manage the pathogens we discuss in this website will be forthcoming.  Because this is a new crop and we have very little Florida data on how to manage them it will take a while to determine what is both effective and safe for the crop.  We will use the FDACS Florida Pesticide List to determine which products we will evaluate. As you will see, there are 4 pages of products approved for use on hemp in Florida.  This list will change over time, but it is all we have at this point.  We can't evaluate all the materials listed and thus we will limit what we evaluate to products we have funding to evaluate or products that meet other criteria set my each of us who are planning to conduct such research.

Florida Pesticide List | Pesticide Brochure