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  • Ozgur Batuman - Diagnosis, epidemiology, and integrated management of citrus diseases. Development of IPM, practical solutions and delivery system for screening and evaluation of therapeutic materials.
  • Liliana Cano - Molecular genetics and genomics of disease resistance in citrus and other crops. Pathogen genomics.
  • Megan Dewdney - Detection, epidemiology, and management of citrus pathogens.
  • Svetlana Folimonova - Plant viruses, virus-host interactions and disease development, plant immunity against viral pathogens, citrus tristeza virus, citrus greening.
  • Dean Gabriel - Molecular genetics and genomics of bacterial plant pathogens. Xanthomonads and Candidatus Liberibacter spp.
  • Amit Levy - Citrus viruses, Citrus greening, Cell biology, Pathogen movement and transmission
  • Pamela Roberts - Diagnosis, epidemiology, and integrated management of vegetable diseases. Plant disease diagnosis.
  • Jeffrey Rollins - Molecular biology and genomics of fungal plant pathogens. Pathogenic mechanisms and multicellular developmental. Necrotrophic pathogens particularly Sclerotium rolfsii.