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Cropping Systems and Disease Management


  • Jeremy Brawner - Forest Health Genetic Resources, Quantitative genetics and genomics of disease resistance.
  • Megan Dewdney - Detection, epidemiology, and management of citrus pathogens.
  • Nicholas Dufault - Biology and management of fungal pathogens of row crops, including watermelon and peanut. Fungicide resistance.
  • Mathews Paret - Antibacterial Nanomaterials, Field Diagnostics, Integrated Pest Management, International Agriculture
  • Natalia Peres - Disease etiology and management of strawberries, citrus, and ornamental crops. Crop advisory systems for disease management.
  • Richard Raid - Disease etiology and management on vegetable crops, herbs, and sugarcane. Barn owls for agricultural rodent control and STEM education.
  • Pamela Roberts - Diagnosis, epidemiology, and integrated management of vegetable diseases. Plant disease diagnosis.
  • Ian Small - Plant disease epidemiology and smart ag crop protection. Digital evaluation of plant phenotypes in relation to genetic selection and management practices.
  • Brantlee Spakes-Richter - Teaching & curriculum, diseases of experimental crops and native/naturalized plants
  • Gary Vallad - Etiology and management of bacterial and fungal vegetable diseases. Development and implementation of bio-based disease management strategies.
  • Shouan Zhang - Detection, biology, epidemiology, and integrated management of vegetable and tropical fruit diseases.