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Larissa Carvalho Ferreira

Postdoctoral Associate

Larissa Carvalho Ferreira







I study pathogen populations, crop protection methods, and plant-pathogen interactions with a focus on genetic and phenotypic characterization of various pathosystems and the development of disease management strategies. 

  • Education

    PhD Biological Sciences, Aberystwyth University, 2022
    MSc Agronomy/Plant Pathology, Federal University of Lavras, 2018
    BSc Agronomy, Federal University of Lavras & Missouri State University, 2016 

  • Research

    My research encompasses a comprehensive exploration of plant pathology, emphasizing plant-pathogen interactions and crop protection. Current, my work is centered on the genetic and phenotypic characterization of Phyllachora maydis populations in the US, which is the fungal pathogen responsible to cause the Tar Spot disease in maize. A fundamental aspect of my research involves screening and phenotyping maize lines for resistance against Tar Spot, Northern and Southern corn leaf blight.

    I am also interested in understanding other emerging and stablished threats to vegetable production in Florida, such as the Fusarium yellows race 4 in celery. Simultaneously, I am also developing strategies for effective detection, and management strategies specifically tailored for growers operating in the Everglades Agricultural Area in Florida.

    My research also includes the use of omics technologies to understand mechanisms of resistance in hosts against pathogens, exemplified in my work with wheat and Pyrenophora tritici-repentis, as well as to investigate biocontrol mechanisms in agents like Serratia marcescens. I continue to be interested in the identification and characterization of alternative and biocontrol methods for controlling plant diseases. 

  • Publications