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Plant Pathology Spring Seminar Series

Thank you for joining us for the Spring Seminar series. Check back here for details about our Fall Seminar series.

Blueberry Building Room 154 or Online – Time: 4:05 PM - (Period 9).

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: Zoom Link




January 16

Qi Li

Biological Scientist
Department of Microbiology and Cell Science
University of Florida

N-hydroxypipecolic acid triggers systemic acquired resistance through extracellular NAD(P)

January 23

Jeremy T. Brawner

Assistant Professor
Plant Pathology Department
University of Florida

Developing resilient breeding populations

January 30

Ashley Shade

Director of Research
Institute of Ecology and the Environment
Le Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), France

Leveraging the plant microbiome to support plant resilience

February 6

Morgan Carter

Assistant Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Do endofungal bacteria use the tools of plant pathogens?

February 13

Germán Sandoya

Assistant Professor
Department of Horticultural Sciences
University of Florida

Beyond host resistance in lettuce – other alternatives to consider


February 20

Karen A. Garrett

Preeminent Professor
Plant Pathology Department
University of Florida

Global institutions and communities supporting plant health: What are current strengths and what should we improve?  

February 27

David Thoms

Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
Florida State University

Innate immunity can distinguish beneficial from pathogenic bacteria via their metabolites

March 5

Changying (Charlie) Li

Professor, IFAS AI Administrative Coordinator
Agricultural and Biological Engineering
University of Florida

Automation and Deep Learning to Advance Phenomics and Postharvest Handling

March 12

Spring Break

No Seminar

March 19

Sonny Lee

Assistant Professor
Division of Biology
Kansas State University

Fantastic Microbes and Where to Find Them

March 26

Braham Dhillon

Assistant Professor
Plant Pathology Department
University of Florida

Fungal pathosystems of palms: Diagnostics to management

April 2

Larissa Carvalho

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Everglades Research and Education Center
University of Florida

Understanding Emerging Diseases on Vegetable Crops in Southern Florida

April 9

Bhabesh Dutta

Associate Professor
Plant Pathology Department
University of Georgia

No more watery eyes: A comprehensive toolkit for center rot management in Vidalia onions

April 16

Romaric Armel Mouafo Tchinda

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Plant Pathology Department
University of Florida

Building surveillance, mitigation, and humanitarian strategies, local to global: Examples for diseases of avocado, banana, cassava, and sweetpotato 

April 23

Liliana M. Cano

Assistant Professor
Plant Pathology Department
University of Florida

Transcriptome Analysis of Plant-Pathogen Interactions