Sample submission form for submitting samples for diagnostics at NFREC, Quincy (click on the image)

List of common methodologies used in pathogen diagnosis in our lab

For each sample submitted to our lab, we use a set of detection methods rather than a single method to ensure that the diagnosis is accurate

Oomycete: Symptoms, culturing on artificial media, morphology, microscopy, DNA-based assays

Fungi: Symptoms, culturing on artificial media, fungal morphology, microscopy, DNA-based assays

Bacteria: Symptoms, bacterial ooze tests, culturing on artificial media, colony morphology, biochemical assays, antibody-based assays, and DNA-based assays

Viruses: Symptoms, antibody based assays, and DNA and RNA-based assays

Abiotic issues: Symptoms and previous descriptions

For new pathogens: In addition to the methods above, tests including Pathogenicity test and Hypersensitive response (HR) test may be conducted

NFREC and the Plant Pathology Department