Tutor includes hands-on disease identification manuals, production manuals and latest research trial findings. This section is to provide Florida extension agents with up-to-date information on plant diseases and potential management options.

Hands-on disease identification manuals

Production Manuals

Vegetable Production Handbook of Florida

Editors: Peter Dittmar, Shinsuke Agehara, and Nicolas Dufault. A guide designed to bring growers the latest information about successful vegetable production.

Watermelon Spray Guide for Florida

Management of all major foliar diseases of watermelon using cultural, biological and chemical control options. Prepared by: Nicholas Dufault and Mathews Paret

Research Trial Findings

NFREC and the Plant Pathology Department


Bacterial wilt - tomato

Root knot - tomato

Angular leaf spot - watermelon

Gummy stem blight - watermelon

Powdery mildew - watermelon

Alternaria leaf spot/blight - carrot

Bacterial spot - tomato

Target spot - tomato

Powdery mildew - cantaloupe

Bacterial speck - tomato

Bacterial spot - pepper